DHV architects finalist Dutch Design Awards 2012

What are the best Dutch designs of the past year? This week, Dutch Design Awards (DDA) announced the names of the finalists. Divided into three main categories, 27 designs in total will compete for the prizes. An international jury will decide who are going to carry off the awards. All winners will be announced at an official award ceremony on Sunday, October 21 during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. That same week, from October 20 through October 28, the work of all finalists will be exhibited together in a special exhibition.

Words from the selection committee: DHV architects have succeeded in defining one strong detail, which is applied to the entire building. The building thus undergoes a transformation. The impact realised by good detailing and abstract design is stunning. The renovation lends a kind of airiness to the current design. It is important that during the renovation, no attempts have been made to turn the building into a new one. The building has thus acquired a Rietveld-like appearance.