Eigen huis en tuin – Wezep

ClientDelta Wonen, Zwolle
CountryThe Netherlands


This “residential service area” for elderly, disabled and other dependent people strives for a balance between individual freedom, a collective sense of security and a potential need for care.


Five compact buildings are placed freely on the site, like villas in a garden or farms in a yard, and fit in a natural manner in the rural setting of Wezep.


Private gardens, common green spaces, ‘courtyards’ and compact parking clusters, together with the houses, build a diverse tissue, ​​accessible by semi-public hedge-lined paths.


The simple grid layout of buildings and site guarantees programmatic interchangeability and flexibility without compromising design or composition, both in the design phase and after completion.

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Jan Koelink

Jan Koelink MSc, BNA

Senior Architect

T +31 20 569 77 46 | M +31 6 55 76 01 94 | E jan.koelink@rhdhv.com