Gelre Hospital, Zutphen

ClientStichting Gelre ziekenhuizen, Apeldoorn
CountryThe Netherlands
Scope26.500 m2 hospital ca. 4.500 m2 RGC
Period2006 - 2010
ExpertiseArchitecture, Building services, Landscape design, Structural design

MF 20110128 0216 Gelre Ziekenhuis Zutphen - voorgrond verkort

With the help of a multidisciplinairy team, in which the client performed a vital role, Royal HaskoningDHV created the new hospital.

Within a year’s time it has been fully designed and tendered.
The basic design of the building takes the changes in the industry concerning real estate into account.

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It is made to fit all flexibility requirements and will serve the new free market principles.

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The building is split up into two main parts: a ‘Hot Floor’ with the technical healthcare functions like operating rooms and laboratories and a wing with all residential areas.
Wood- and stone-like materials indicate the residential wing and make it fit into the surroundings. The Hot Floor is clearly identifiable by steel and glass materials creating a technical atmosphere.


Jan Koelink

Jan Koelink MSc, BNA

Senior Architect

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