The Sustainable Hospital Campus

CountryThe Netherlands
Scope4,5 ha.
Period2008 - 2009
ExpertiseArchitecture, Landscape Design, Urban Planning, Building Services

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The Sustainable Hospital Campus is explicitly part of the environment. The pavilions can be implemented in a public park or form a network in an urban environment. This blurs the line between the actual hospital and the environment and strengthens the social position of the hospital.

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The pavilions are interconnected by a “Health Terminal”. This area serves as a sorting machine in which the various flows of traffic (people and goods) are handled. The Health Terminal facilitates all the front-offices, waiting areas and leisure functions, enabling the pavilions to be configured more efficiently and purely care related.

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Different use of color, finishings and furnishings provide the pavilions their own identity and logic, making it easier for the patient and visitor to determine their position in the hospital. Thanks to a modular building system the pavilions can be easily repurposed. By clever choice of grid sizes, the pavilions can be relatively easily turned over to homes, offices or even parking spaces.

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Stefan Kolen

Stefan Kolen MSc BNA


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