NUON Auxiliary Power Plant

CountryThe Netherlands
Scope900 m2 GFA
Period2005 - 2006

NUON Hulpwarmtecentrale

The architecture of this design took account of the existing buildings and the possibilities for expansion. RHDHV produced a design for a boiler house in which the engineering and architectural aspects were perfectly harmonized.

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The boilers feed the district heating system in IJburg, a new district of Amsterdam. As IJburg itself expands, so will this building and its heating capacity thanks to the use of a modular concept. The stacks (chimney flues) have been designed to form an architectural whole with the main building volume.

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The modular dimensioning of the design is clearly visible in the north and south facades. The visual rhythm created by these facades in combination with the flues is the main determining factor in the design.

Roel Brouwers

Roel Brouwers MSc BNA

Senior Architect

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