CountryThe Netherlands
Scope72 ha.
Period2011 - 2012
ExpertiseArchitecture, Landscape Design
TeamRobert Collignon, Stefan Kolen

Bollenvelden Petten

The PALLAS project has the objective of constructing and operating a new high flux reactor, PALLAS, which is suitable for medical isotope production and nuclear technological research. This reactor is to serve as replacement for the current High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten, which has been in service to date for nearly 50 years and is approaching the end of its economic life span.


Early in 2004 a start was made to set up the PALLAS project. At that time, the initiative was with a group of companies and research institutions, namely Covidien (Mallinckrodt), Reactor Institute Delft (TUD) and the European Energy Institute (JRC-IET). NRG was the project leader of this initiative and made a start on the further elaboration and implementation of the project.

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NRG commissioned Royal HaskoningDHV to formulate thePALLAS Ambition Note. This note is a visualisation of the architecture and landscaping based on wishes and ideas of local residents combined with the professional expertise of Royal HaskoningDHV.

Robert Collignon

Robert Collignon MArch

Senior Architect

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