Wheel of Dubai

ClientGreat Wheel Corporation
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

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Our design is radically different, it revolves around a huge void, providing a dramatic and totally original profile. It consists of 2 different parallel rotating structures.


On one side is the fast rotating structure, which has a full rotation cycle of 30 minutes. It contains of 36 classic viewing capsules, which are projecting from the side of the Wheel, allowing for maximum panorama.


On the other side of the wheel is the slow rotating (so vibration free) structure, which has a full rotation cycle of 6 hours and 24 large capsules providing space for hotel rooms, swimming pool, restaurant and really any other imaginable function. Why not a catwalk, a showroom, a discotheque?


Jorge Moura

Jorge Moura MSc, BNA

Senior Architect

T +31 10 443 38 80 | M +31 6 54 65 19 23 | E jorge.moura@rhdhv.com