Skolkovo Innovation Center

ClientSkolkovo Foundation
Scope2.000.000 m2

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Skolkovo Innovation Center is to become Russia’s new Silicon Valley: a unique public and private research and innovation center, combined with a first class business environment with a high quality of living and leisure.

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This ambitious project will bring Russia back to the forefront in science and research and be a catalyst for the innovation and diversification of the Russian economy.


The plan covers a phased development of 58.500 m2 on which a university, research institutes, companies, convention facilities, hotels, leisure, shopping, infrastructure, nature and public transport will be realized for 20,000 to 30,000 residents and commuters, including top researchers, entrepreneurs, employees and their families.


Richard van den Brule

Richard van den Brule MSc

Architect BNA | Head of Architectural Department Indonesia

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