Renovation of Parkinggarage Neringdek – Lelystad

ClientMunicipality of Lelystad
CountryThe Netherlands
Scope8.100 m2
Period2005 - 2006
ExpertiseArchitecture, Project Management


Parkinggarage Neringdek at Lelystad is radically renovated. Two seperate garages have been united by a new ramp. A new entrance is created with a separate part for pedestrians.


A new lift and a circular staircase connect the two levels. The clinker floor has been replaced by a cast floor, the ceiling is provided with light boards, he walls are painted in lively colors and the lightning has been increased.

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Prints of walking people decorate the glass wall between pedestrians and cars contribute to the feeling of social safety. Special is the use of art in the garage; building panels, painted by students of the art school, have been framed in and reused in the garage.


Maarten Steenbrink

Maarten Steenbrink MSc

Senior Architect

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