LOC Focus Vocational Academy

ClientMunicipality of Barendrecht
CountryThe Netherlands
Scope12,500 m2
Period2012 - present
ExpertiseArchitecture, Interior Design

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The Focus Vocational Academy is a multifunctional vmbo-school with a NOC*NSF sports facility and a PLUS-program specifically geared to external parties that collaborate with the school. The school and the sports facilities are housed in two separate buildings that are embedded in the landscape along the Dierensteinweg in Barendrecht.



The design can be characterized as follows: organic, flexible and sustainable, with a green and lush campus backdrop. The building facilitates all its education functions around a central atrium filled with daylight, where education and practice have all the space to converge. The building’s form is appealing, inviting and noticeable.





Jorge Moura

Jorge Moura MSc, BNA

Senior Architect

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