Vossenberg West 2

ClientProvince Noord-Brabant and City of Tilburg
CountryThe Netherlands
Scope790,000 m2
ExpertiseArchitecture, Urban Planning, Site Infrastructure


Noord-Brabant will be a leading region of innovative energy production and energy technology by 2015. Business park Vossenberg West 2 will contribute to this innovative and sustainable province by generating sustainable energy without compromising the usability of the park.


An award-winning reliable and flexible energy concept is developed by Royal HaskoningDHV. Biogas will be produced on site and added to the existing gas network. Businesses can plug in via a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) and start to operate. Additional sustainable energy can be used, by implementing thin film solar cells on the roofs of the buildings and optimal orientation to the sun. Subsidized packages of sustainability will be emitted to compensate the additional investments in sustainable energy. Royal HaskoningDHV entered the competition with an integral design team.

790.000 m2 to be issued
7.800 MWh green power (yearly)
Reduction of primary energy use by 75%

Robert Collignon

Robert Collignon MArch

Senior Architect

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