Blaricum town hall and apartment

ClientMunicipality of Blaricum
CountryThe Netherlands
Period2008 - 2009


De Sint Bernardusschool, built in 1929, has been transformed into a new town hall for Blaricum, with five small apartments in the attic.


A delicate balance between public and private, interior and exterior and past and present, makes for an intriguing ensemble of building and surroundings. Existing and valuable elements have been meticulously combined with contemporary interventions.


The traditional appearance of the front facade has been preserved while at the back two large glass facades represent the building’s new functions.
The modern counter builds a connection with the garden where Blaricum’s characteristic green hedges create a scenic environment for bridal photos, at the same time offering the residents space and privacy.


Maarten Steenbrink

Maarten Steenbrink MSc

Senior Architect

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