Transformation of Post office 120

ClientOmgevingsdienst Zuid-Holland Zuid
CountryThe Netherlands
Scope2,500 m2
ExpertiseInterior Design, Project Management, Building Services
TeamShu-Yan Tang, Jurgen Boonstra, Freerk Hoekstra, Freek Leber


The ambition of the client was to transform the old post office building 120 into a multi-tenant office building with public functions in the plinth. The employees of the department “Omgevingsdienst Zuid-Holland Zuid” would occupy 2 office floors in the building. By means of intensive collaboration with the future users of the building, we were able to effectively define and design the activity based workplaces to meet their exact needs.

schets-conceptdoorsnedeschets-2_transparantkamerThe old post office building is characterized by heigh ceilings and deep floor areas. This, together with the irregular facade openings, made the planning of pragmatic office space a challenge. Nevertheless, a diversity of workplaces and divisions in smaller spatial identities created an overall consistency in aesthetic quality and comfort in working areas.


Thanks to a multidisciplinary design approach including the technical building engineers, the architects and the  building users, a great deal of attention was given to such building physical aspects as acoustics and natural daylight in the design.




Shu-Yan Tang

Shu-Yan Tang MSc BNA


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